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The two wings which human soars above the nature with; Balance & Simplicity


We designed the collection with inspiration from the Scandinavian and the far east cultures, which impress the entire world by their journeys of simplicity and perceiving a balanced way of life.

Sisu is a Finnish term that reminds us to be courageous and enduring till we reach our goals, even if the road is full of troubles.

Lagom is a balanced way of Scandinavian life that appreciates not consuming more than needed, being happy with small and simple things, helping, sharing, and being away from exaggeration.

Wabi-Sabi is Japanese wisdom that refers to focusing on loving and having a deep respect for only really valuable things in life, and accepting them by their nature, and rather than wanting more and making things perfect, learning to give value and being grateful.

Shinrin Yoku is a Japanese culture that enlightens our self-consciousness about the wisdom of trees and their inclusive teachings for us on adaptation and endurance, and how we connect with nature with our five senses.

Lykke is a Danish secret of life that shows us that the greatest source of happiness is the satisfaction we have in our reliable relationships, collecting beautiful memories, and adjusting ourselves to create bonds with our surroundings.

Coorie is a Scottish tradition that says when we are above sea level everything that we overestimate seems less important. We should prefer local things to make our lives richer and to recognize the nature surrounding us.

Gluggaveður is an Icelandic art of happiness that narrates how beautiful it is to watch outside from a window with a cup of tea in such weather. That it is possible to be more productive and to enjoy the moment while calming the soul and freeing the mind.

“The two wings which human soars above the nature with: Balance & Simplicity” collection of Sjorinn Istanbul invites you to discover that simplicity isn’t the last stop, it is a journey.

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