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Our Story

Inspired by the Sea, the owner of all depths

Sjórinn Istanbul is for those who adopt a lifestyle focused on meditation, home and design. Inspired by the deep blue of the “sea” that brings freedom to peace, its exuberant and clear form, and the calming sound of its waves, Sjórinn was developed with comfort in mind & prioritizing it.

We believe in real products for people with real stories. We aim to serve a generation that integrates careful and conscious consumption into their lifestyle. In this sense, our main motivation is to use organic, plant-based and sustainable recycling materials.


We believe that each one of us are ‘unique’ in nature and we know that nature is the true source of inspiration for everything created by mankind. With this awareness, we promise to give you a relaxing and natural feeling during your meditation where you are one with nature.

With our commitment to the present, the moment and authenticity, we are growing out for you, inspired by the Sea, the owner of all depths, so that you can create your own new comfort zone.

Why Sjórinn Istanbul?

Hello, this is Deniz.

I am the founder and designer of Sjórinn Istanbul. I managed the communication and project processes of many domestic/international brands for many years and I still continue to provide consultancy in this field.

My dream was to create a brand that took my breath away in my childhood, shed light on me, and contained my unique memories, and to share this with people with beautiful souls, with a loving energy, and to grow this within me day by day.

While establishing Sjórinn Istanbul, my greatest inspiration was the deep blue of the “Sea” that brings freedom to peace, its glowing and clear form, and the calming sound of its waves.

Sjórinn (pronounced Siyorin) means ‘Sea’ in Icelandic. I wanted all the feelings and thoughts that I experienced in my inner sea to be in this brand that I brought to life.

The reason why I chose an Icelandic name for my brand is that the day I was born, I gave my family a great gift when my father caught a huge fish (cod) which is rare in the Black Sea. They called me Deniz, which means sea, so that my father would always feel his passion for the sea.

The big fish that I communed with and encouraged me the day I was born is my compass in my story. I wanted whales, known as the world’s largest fish, to guide me on this journey. Iceland is defined as the capital of whales… My own awareness journey started after I lost my father. The story of Sjórinn and its story chasing a tail became a part of my own story.

I wanted to add a natural product from the land where I was born to this story. I wanted to be the bond between you and the concrete world in your meditation practice, with my story that started in this whole sea, by adding natural sea sand grains that I got from a Black Sea Bay where I first learned to swim and where the uniquely colored green and blue meet, to the cushions.

On your journey to your inner sea, I hope the life of whales in the deep of the sea, their breathing and their amazing balance will be your guide to rediscover yourself.

I hope that the timeless products I design will be just me time’ on your journey to your own flow.

Calm down in the flow of your own journey to lead a slower, more sustainable and conscious life.

Made Minfully

Attentive production

Ethically sourced, environmentally friendly

Everything is interconnected in a world we live in. As Sjórinn Istanbul, we work to bring you our products in a conscious, purposeful, and wise way. Our materials and work that we have used are fully traceable from their sources until they take their place in your meditation space.


From crop to cushion!

We work with independent local craftsmen who produce our high-performance and deliberately developed products in small quantities with care and ethics, using long-lasting, natural, but also quality materials.

All our sustainable products are produced with ethical materials and workmanship. While we value you and ourselves, we also value others and the environment.

Our intention is to be kind to ourselves and make a positive impact on others’ lives in return, without forgetting that our living space has a great impact on our inner world, and also to help you create a comfortable and peaceful meditation space where you can renew and connect to your true self.

We know that you take good care of yourselves, your loved ones, and even strangers you barely know in your community, which means laying the foundations for deeper well-being, self-care. By purchasing our products, you are equally caring for our environment, along with our craftsmen and non-profit partners

Our products; 

All of our products are designed using plant-based, natural and recyclable materials and are produced with ethical awareness. In this process, we paid attention that you feel the impact of nature and naturality in every product we produce. With this awareness, we promise to give you a relaxing and natural feeling during your meditation process where you are one with nature.

We used quality, long-lasting and natural materials that will provide comfort on the basis of our products developed with a high-performance focus. In this process, we took care that all of us are one with nature, and that you feel the effect of nature and the natural in everything we produce. With this awareness, we promise to give you a relaxing and natural feeling during your meditation process where you are one with nature.

A design with purpose;

Our intention against the recent consumption culture is to design products with a purpose. Our cushions may look pretty good, but what is more important is how you use them. We want to help you experience meditation and mindfulness, while inspiring you and encouraging you to try it for the first time!!

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