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Island Solitude

“Island Solitude” is designed with inspiration from the seasons, untouched nature, and glittering waters of Scandinavia and its marvelous archipelagos that you come across while sailing without a destination.

We invite discoverers to take a rest while hundreds of desert islands embrace the breeze and shine on Scandinavian seas like stars.

To commune with the inspiration of the moment, we invite you to glide the shoals and relax on gravel shores like mosses on a bow of a sailboat.


“Fear less, hope more.
Eat less, chew more.
Whine less, breathe more.
Talk less, say more.
Hate less, love more.
And good things will be yours.”
                        – Swedish Proverb


Colors designed with inspiration from the seasons of Scandinavia, and its untouched nature, bring calmness to your space.


HAV: [’hɑːv] It means “sea” in Scandinavian. The Arctic, North Atlantic, and Baltic seas form one of the wildest shores on earth and cover the Scandinavian region.

RO: [’ruː] Scandinavian for “tranquility”. It is a word for Peace and tranquility from Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish kingdoms. A small word with great meaning, which is shared by 3 Scandinavian languages.

ØY: [’øːʏ] Norwegian for “Island”. Hundreds of desert islands embrace the breeze and shine on Scandinavian seas like stars and invite discoverers to take a rest.

SKOG: [’skuːg] It means “forest” in Swedish. Northern forests start from the southernmost town of Sweeden and reach out to the Arctic Circle, and cover half of the Nordic region.

FJÄLL: [fjælː] Swedish for “highland”. People are only allowed to travel the country if they only leave their footprints. The falls of northern Sweden formed the unquestionably spectacular trails in the world.

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sjorinn_ro_meditasyon_minderi_seti_lifestyle (2)
sjorinn_meditasyon_minderi_skog_lifestyle (2)
Sjorinn_fjall_meditasyon_minderi_lifestyle (4)
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