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Create a Space For Your Friend

We designed this collection with the idea of our furry roommates’ need for inner peace. Just like how we create our safe comfort spaces, we wanted to create one for them, too.

We have prepared our “LEMPI” bolsters with love. They give our furry friends a comfortable, personalized space, where they feel safe by preserving the right temperature and letting them sleep in their favorite positions.

LEMPI:  [’lem.pI] Old Finnish for ‘love’.

Means “Love” in Old Finnish. There is an old saying in Finland that “love doesn’t have to be perfect, it has to be real”. The same can be said for having a loving pet, bonding with it from the unconditional heart, the precious warmth shared and the peaceful wagging tail.

Remember, their spiritual health is as important as their physical. To build their own spaces is a way of fulfilling their need for inner peace.

Realize that providing them a personalized space is a sign that you care for your friend. And that you want them set at ease.

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