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You are free to be who you are!

As Sjórinn, we believe that the change in the world start with ourselves. When you wake up to a day full of inner peace and gratitude, we desire to illuminate your day with wisdom and to strengthen the connection with your heart, feelings, intuition, and spirit with an intention. We hope that our “Self Love” cards, which we designed with the slogan “You are free to be who you are!”, will guide you in your journey of awareness.

Awareness cards consisting of 21 words and #kalbindinlensin cards containing 3 affirmations, which we have prepared to navigate your journey of self-discovery and revive your consciousness were designed by Gamze Yalçın, whose biggest inspiration is blue with all its tones and depth. With the artist, who combines sea, coral, fish, nature fiction with the cosmic world in her works, we have prepared visualizations for each word in such a way that you can gain insight through a unique theme that represents that word. Each card represents a unique theme. It is impossible to choose the wrong card; The truth will always reveal itself!

On her journey to get to know herself with Deniz Bağan, who touches different lives and connects with countless people with her heart, is accompanying us with her “Intention” on this journey we embark on the back of a whale, chasing the clouds, while advancing on a path that she shares, discovers, appreciates, produces and feels with the awareness of impermanence, compassion and love.

On your journet to experience the MOMENT, we invite you to rediscover your inner sea to integrate with inspiration.

Let yourself fly higher.

Remember today is a special day that prepares you for the next step.

Let go of the old heaviness in your wings.

Allow yourself to fly higher and higher.

Be present, be with yourself, get away from your mind.

Return to your inner wisdom: your feelings.

Instictive Card Experience;

Shuffle the deck of card everyday. Instinctively pick a card and let your feeling guide you. It is impossible to choose the wrong card; The truth will always reveal itself!

Sometimes you want someone to tell you that you are on the right track. Cards make you that person. Bring your focus to a question you want to be answered, shuffle the deck and choose a card.

The different layers of the card you selected will reveal out automatically. Trust that your subconscious mind helps you process and connect information to situations in your life, even if it’s not clear at first.

Every transformation is different, and count on each reading to bring a unique insight from the one before.


Self Love Cards Pack;

Illustrator; Gamze Yalcin

  • 3 #kalbindinlensin cards and 21 Awareness cards – ‘consist of 21 different words and are 7.4 ‌ x 10.5 cm in size’
  • Card Storage Box
  • Ceramic Card Holder – ‘handmade by La-Fabrika’
  • Self Love Card’s Notebook – ‘for taking notes about words’
  • Tote bag – ‘Self Love Special Design’



About Gamze Yalçın;

Gamze Yalçın (1987, Istanbul ) Visual Artist, Illustrator, Muralist

Gamze, who graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Department of Interior Architecture, became interested in wall painting in a 6-month project she participated in 2010 in Philippines. The artist, who combines sea, coral, fish, nature fiction with the cosmic world in her works, has been working from her studio in Berlin recently.


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