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LYKKE – Meditation Cushion Set (Triangle + Round)


Lykke is a Danish secret of life that shows us that the greatest source of happiness is the satisfaction we have in our reliable relationships, collecting beautiful memories, and adjusting ourselves to create bonds with our surroundings.


Our homes are a collection of carefully selected private spaces. It is also a world where we can be alone and draw the boundaries ourselves. In our lives surrounded by fast life and daily hustle and bustle, we sometimes want to stop, slow down and strengthen our bond with ourselves. Sometimes all we want is a safe space where we can curl up and get away from the world.

It’s important to create a personal space at home to nurture our emotional health and enjoy some recovery time. This personal meditation space; It is the key to our connection to life with a higher power, where we rebalance our energy, calm and energize, revitalize, purify and contain happiness, as well as strengthen the connection with our heart, feelings and spirit.

No matter how small this space is, make it a space that invites you to practice while also encouraging you to calm down. If you regularly meditate in the same place, you will begin to fill that corner of your home with calm energy. Just by sitting on your cushion, you will find that you begin to breathe more deeply through association.

Create a small corner within your home into a cozy nook with plenty of soft textiles in which to meditate or just relax.

Meditation means pure tranquility. Mindfulness and concentration practices relax your soul and body. A comfortable sitting helps to meditate and calm down. Our meditation cushions have been designed to support your mindful journey at home.

“Sjórinn Istanbul Meditation Cushion” is in perfect harmony with body shape and posture. The light, airy comfort of its cushion responds to your shape. It gives both strength and softness to your spine and seat.

The cushions are at the perfect height to support your hips and knees while sitting quietly. We use round or triangel cushions to raise our hips. The more our meditation cushion adapts to your sitting position, the more support it provides to your spine. The flat cushion provides comfort for ankles, calves and knees while sitting cross-legged. Thus, it supports our knees and ankles and helps prevent our legs from numbness in practice, so we can sit with fewer distractions.

Using sustainable materials and elegant design,  you can keep these cushions out in your living room, acting as a visible reminder to take a moment to connect with yourself.

This modern cushion design we designed offers a comfortable seating area for a peaceful break.

Meditation Cushion Filled Details:


  • This order includes one round meditation cushion and triangle flat cushion
  • Meditation cushion is filled organic cotton, natural sea sand, and dried lavender.
  • Flat cushion is filled with dense, plush cotton
  • Eco-friendly fabric and filling
  • Washable and easy to clean, removable sleeve for easy care
  • Sustainably sourced and mindfully produced
  • Quality, breathable materials have been used
  • Enjoy your JOURNEY stitched tote bag is given as a gift.
  • Upper-support meditation cushion is 15″ diameter x 6″ height / approx 8 lbs
  • Flat cushion is 25″ square x 3″ height / approx 7 lbs
  • Handcrafted by artisans in Turkey

Care instructions:

  • Unzip the cover and remove the lining
  • Machine wash the cover in cold water using the delicate cycle
  • Dry on a flat surface

Collection Story


We designed the collection with inspiration from the Scandinavian and the far east cultures, which impress the entire world by their journeys of simplicity and perceiving a balanced way of life.

“The two wings which human soars above the nature with: Balance & Simplicity” collection of Sjorinn Istanbul invites you to discover that simplicity isn’t the last stop, it is a journey.

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